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Capital Investments

Investment capital refers to the money allocated to accrue some form of future benefit. Assigning funds for this purpose allows such monies the opportunity to grow in the future rather than leaving them in the bank earning very little interest. Investment capital is often set aside to afford a better life in the future.

Our team of dedicated professionals ensures that prior knowledge of investing is not a barrier to realising your investment goals.

No. We offer a complimentary consultation to all our clients to make sure they aren’t under any pressure when choosing their desired investment option

We have access to a full spectrum of asset classes and our experts have knowledge and experience covering markets around the world to provide our clients with the best possible investment options.

Our investment options start from $10,000 USD. Our specialist advisors will design a plan for you that considers your finances irrespective of your starting point. Our options are open to moderate and affluent investors alike.

Currencies currently accepted are US dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), and Great Britain Pound (GBP).

All IFPs investment plans can be operated and managed from anywhere in the world, so relocation or temporary travel does not render your investment inaccessible.

We know that the world around us is prone to change, so our team of experts in Bermuda are on hand to advise you accordingly should your circumstances change.

Educational planning

When it comes to funding education, we believe it is best to start now. Income generally does not increase as fast as the education fees of your children and every day that passes is time that could see you safeguarding your children’s educational future.

Our team of dedicated professionals makes sure having no prior knowledge about investing is not a barrier to realising your investment goals. All you have to do is focus on what matters most – your family.

No. We offer a complimentary consultation to all our clients to make sure they aren’t under any pressure when choosing their desired savings and investment options.

Our regular savings options start from USD $300 per month. Once we know your current financial situation and your goals in terms of education fees, we will build your personalised savings plan on the back of that information.

We currently offer plans USD, EUR and GBP.

Our team regularly reviews your circumstances and your savings plan to assist you in making sure you are doing enough to secure the future of your children’s education. We calculate the education fees likely to be required, take into account your timeframe to save and an assumed target investment return to arrive at an affordable contribution schedule.

We give regular updates on the status of your savings plan as well as providing online access. We know that the world around us is prone to changes, so our team of experts is on hand to advise accordingly. We have a strong support system that works with you every step of the way.

All of IFP’s savings plans can be operated and managed from anywhere in the world, so you can take your plans with you wherever you go.

Retirement Planning

Whether you plan to retire early or at the standard retirement age, at IFP we partner with you to determine your financial circumstances, future plans, and other dynamics that will affect your retirement. With this information, we can draw up a plan that offers you a clearer picture of the best time to retire. However, your monthly contributions will have a big part to play in this.

To help you plan for retirement in Bermuda or elsewhere, we’ll asses your current situation and enquire about your future plans, including your retirement goals. We’ll then consider your risk profile so we can look at the best options going forward.

No. Our expert team specialises in creating retirement plans that incorporate bespoke financial strategies. Our specialists have a deep knowledge of financial markets and investing so we take the stress out of your investing.

Not at all. We offer a complimentary financial assessment so you can choose if our services are perfect for you without any risk or obligation.

There is some degree of risk involved with all investments, and investing for retirement is no different. However, after evaluating your appetite for risk, we can tailor your retirement plan to match the level of risk you’re willing to take. We’ll clarify any risks before creating your plan, so you’re fully aware.

Different clients have different financial situations, however, the recommended regular contribution is always dependent on the circumstances of each individual involved. The lowest monthly contribution is USD $300 per month.

Our retirement plans are targeted at both Bermudians and Ex-pats. They are completely portable, so if you choose to leave Bermuda, you can take them with you.

The plans we offer currently accept USD, GBP and EUR.

These are totally based on your plans for the future. Our service involves IFP identifying your everyday living expenses if required, in addition to any extra funds you may need to meet your retirement goals.

On approaching retirement, there’s a high chance that you’ll be needing lower-risk strategy to conserve the funds you’ve amassed. Our Bermuda retirement plans service involves us helping you review your retirement plans as the time draws nearer.

The investment choices you make after retirement will depend on your personal situation. There are several at- and post-retirement options available which allow you to collect all your accumulated savings in one lump sum or reinvest, drawing an income. We usually recommend a lower-risk investment strategy after retirement. Our IFP retirement plan review will include a discussion around these options with you at the right time.

When considering the future of your money, you may be thinking about a long-term investment to boost your legacy. This may involve making a will or creating a trust, which allows you better control over your money. In line with your retirement plan, our specialists can guide you through your legacy options.

Savings plan

We offer a number of savings options from a stable of long standing offshore investment providers. Here at IFP, we care about our clients and that's why we spend time gathering key info about you. It helps us come up with savings solutions that match our clients' circumstances.

The timeframes of our Bermuda savings plans are sensitive to your circumstances as a client. In other words, our clients' circumstances determine the timeframe of their savings plan.

Yes. You don't need to educate yourself on financial markets before you start saving. All that's needed is regular commitment to your savings plan. Our role is to create flexible saving plans tailored to suit your circumstances.

No. We seek to cater to our existing and prospective clients. Hence, to ensure that you are confident and comfortable with the quality of our services, your first meeting with us would be entirely complimentary.

You don't need a lot of money to start your savings journey. Our savings plans in Bermuda can be started with as little as USD $300 per month. In addition, your savings plans are customised for you to fit into your finances.

Yes, the reason is that our savings plans are portable. As you pack your bags to relocate to another country, you can relocate with your savings plan and continue from your new location.

You can invest in USD,GBP & EUR.

Yes. You will have online access and we offer regular reviews with you covering your circumstances and the performance of your savings plan, we do our best to keep you up to date. You will be kept aware of any changes we suggest to keep you on track to your goals.

Review My Portfolio

A portfolio review, especially by the industry experts at IFP, will give you the piece of mind of knowing if your current investment portfolio is working as well as it could be.

We always adopt unique strategies for different individuals based on their portfolios. Not only that, but the mix of sectors that works for one person might not work for another, as everyone has different financial risk tolerance. Our experts take these factors into consideration when they create a unique and perfect mix of sectors for any individual to invest in.

Yes, you can. You do not need to take any courses on investment or begin to follow trends in the market to become an investor with us. All you need is you existing finances and your portfolio. Our experts can take it from there an provide an comprehensive review.

No, your first meeting with us is complimentary. During our meeting, we’ll discuss your situation, your existing portfolio and assess your risk profile.

You can invest from $10,000 USD upwards. There are different plans available, and you don't have to get confused when deciding which to choose. We can help you find the plan that's perfect for you, your finances and your goals.

Portability is a feature of all our investment plans. Regardless of where you go, our investment plans move with you.

We accept three currencies: the US Dollar (USD), Pound Sterling (GBP), and Euro (EUR).

Yes, of course. You can easily access your investment portfolio online. We also conduct regular reviews with you.