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Reliable Retirement Planning Specialists in Bermuda

When thinking about retirement, the feeling is often one of excitement looking forward to a seven day weekend coupled with anxiety about whether you have saved enough money to support yourself.

Retirement Planning

Reliable Retirement Planning Specialists

When thinking about retirement, the feeling is often one of excitement looking forward to a seven day weekend coupled with anxiety about whether you have saved enough money to support yourself. That’s why planning as far in advance as possible is almost a prerequisite to enjoying an exciting retirement. However, rather than doing the planning alone, it’s best to entrust your worries to the experts. IFP offers tailored retirement plans to match your current financial situation and goals so you can get the best out of retirement.

Typical retirement challenges encountered by our clients

If you’re planning for retirement, you could be faced with some challenges. Especially if you intend to do a lot of travel. Here are some of the concerns raised by our clients:

How much income do I need in retirement?

When thinking about the perfect retirement income, you should be planning towards meeting your yearly expenses for 25 years or more. With the planning process at IFP, we take into consideration your expected lifestyle and other factors before arriving at a clear-cut picture of your financial future.

What size retirement fund do I require?

There are several things to take into consideration here: your income from above and any expected one-off expenses. Then you need to factor in inflation between now and your life expectancy, consider if you have a desire to leave any legacy. Many things contribute to the size of the fund you will need at retirement. Our experienced and expert advisers can do the necessary calculations required to give you a target figure.

How much money do I have to invest or save to meet my retirement goals?

Assess the income and retirement fund you need along with your current financial circumstances. If your savings and existing pension don’t meet these costs, we’ll calculate the difference and tailor a plan in line with your affordability to increase your retirement fund towards your target.

Retirement Planning: Our Approach

Our retirement planning process consists of five steps:

Learn about you

We need to understand your present circumstances and your vision for the future so we can guide you through planning for a secure and comfortable retirement. We’ll inquire about your retirement goals and your concerns.

Analyse the numbers

We’ll analyse your financial position and calculate any gaps in your provision. We’ll assess your affordability and risk profile before discussing the best way forward.

Design your retirement plan

We’ll then recommend a personalised retirement strategy and create your personal retirement plan for you. This often includes details on how to improve your financial lifestyle while saving and how best manage your money during your working life.

Implement your retirement plan

Once you’re satisfied with your personal retirement plan, we’ll start implementing it right away, so you can start looking ahead to retirement with the confidence that there is a strategic plan in place.

Regular reviews

Once your plan is up and running, we’ll review it regularly and take into account any changes in your personal circumstances to ensure your plan is working for you. We’ll make any recommendations along the way we feel are right for you, to make sure it fits in on hand to provide advice too.

"A Well known author Jean Chatzky once said"
Knowing where you stand in your quest to accumulate enough money for retirement is an incredibly important part of the planning process.

Experts in retirement planning, IFP offers friendly, helpful advice every step of the way. We take pride in our exclusive stable of premium savings products - from some of the world’s largest investment companies. From multi-currency and multi-fund savings plans to internationally mobile structures, we can help you formulate a disciplined approach to your finances and enjoy a rewarding retirement.

Build a better tomorrow today! To request a free retirement planning assessment and find out how you can save for the future through our service, please get in touch with IFP today.

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Whether you plan to retire early or at the standard retirement age, at IFP we partner with you to determine your financial circumstances, future plans, and other dynamics that will affect your retirement. With this information, we can draw up a plan that offers you a clearer picture of the best time to retire. However, your monthly contributions will have a big part to play in this.

To help you plan for retirement in Bermuda or elsewhere, we’ll asses your current situation and enquire about your future plans, including your retirement goals. We’ll then consider your risk profile so we can look at the best options going forward.

No. Our expert team specialises in creating retirement plans that incorporate bespoke financial strategies. Our specialists have a deep knowledge of financial markets and investing so we take the stress out of your investing.

Not at all. We offer a complimentary financial assessment so you can choose if our services are perfect for you without any risk or obligation.

There is some degree of risk involved with all investments, and investing for retirement is no different. However, after evaluating your appetite for risk, we can tailor your retirement plan to match the level of risk you’re willing to take. We’ll clarify any risks before creating your plan, so you’re fully aware.

Different clients have different financial situations, however, the recommended regular contribution is always dependent on the circumstances of each individual involved. The lowest monthly contribution is USD $300 per month.

Our retirement plans are targeted at both Bermudians and Ex-pats. They are completely portable, so if you choose to leave Bermuda, you can take them with you.

The plans we offer currently accept USD, GBP and EUR.

These are totally based on your plans for the future. Our service involves IFP identifying your everyday living expenses if required, in addition to any extra funds you may need to meet your retirement goals.

On approaching retirement, there’s a high chance that you’ll be needing lower-risk strategy to conserve the funds you’ve amassed. Our Bermuda retirement plans service involves us helping you review your retirement plans as the time draws nearer.

The investment choices you make after retirement will depend on your personal situation. There are several at- and post-retirement options available which allow you to collect all your accumulated savings in one lump sum or reinvest, drawing an income. We usually recommend a lower-risk investment strategy after retirement. Our IFP retirement plan review will include a discussion around these options with you at the right time.

When considering the future of your money, you may be thinking about a long-term investment to boost your legacy. This may involve making a will or creating a trust, which allows you better control over your money. In line with your retirement plan, our specialists can guide you through your legacy options.